I’ve been pulling daily Tarot cards for a while now.

the fool in my favourite deck is Merlin!
The fool in my favourite deck, the Chrysalis tarot, is Merlin!

Every time the Fool comes up in a reading, I smile, as it is my favourite card of the whole deck.

If any card would represent the life I would like to lead, it’s the Fool.

The meaning of The Fool card is as follows:

Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit

(from biddy Tarot)

And I love that it’s possible to tell a tale of a journey of the Fool through the whole major arcana, as described here.

The Fool is my favourite, because he embodies all the qualities of a life filled with joy. Spontaneous people aren’t drowning in fears and insecurities, they are driven by leaps of joy.

A personal goal for this year is to Be More Fool, to invite its qualities of spontaneity and free-spirited nature into my life.

I hope this will open me up to create what my heart wants to create for Leap to Joy!