Picture this: on Tuesday I was feeling like crap. I had a headache that was subsiding, my foot hurt like crazy, I was warm and started to get very cranky.

I watched something on tv that made me even more cranky and I started to feel sorry for myself.

And then, my eyes fell on my little round bag that holds all the art supplies I carry around with me through the house.

It has an art journal, pens, a watercolour set and brushes, envelopes with papers I can use in the art journal and other random things.

I didn’t feel like it, but started to unpack it, opened the art journal and just leafed through until a page sparked my interest.

And from then on, I started to feel better. I wrote a poem, made a small collage, moved some pages around, did some silly things with words, slapped some colour down on a page, made a fast doodle, all in the span of half an hour.

When I stored everything away again, I smiled.

What I did had nothing to do with self-care, yet it was the best thing I could do to make me feel better.

I still get in deep, sad phases with my pain issues, and every time my creativity takes me out of it, and into my heart.

What an awesome gift that is.