One of my favourite books has been written by someone who has opinions completely opposite my own.

My favorite artist is supposed to have been a boorish man who I probably would have hated to be around in real life.

A band I love sings songs about revolution and rising up, yet at a time where I expected them to speak out in ways other than music, they didn’t. I left the concert feeling frustrated and disappointed.

All examples of reasons why I should hate their art. I don’t. I love it.

It is something I have a hard time with though, separating the artist and their work. Can someone who is an asshole write something that moves me?

They can. Just as I can be the kindest person in the world and write someone so despicable and horrible that I can’t even read it.

The moment art is going out into the world, it becomes its own entity, in a way. It is linked to the creator but only has a life of its own.

And when you think about that, it is perfectly plausible to hate an artist and love their work.

At least that’s what I feel. How about you?