I love to be crafty.

The crafts I enjoy the most have to do with fibres and fabrics. Spinning, knitting, crochet, patchworking, anything like that makes me feel still inside.

It is a wonderful feeling to finish something (like my socks earlier this week), and it is wonderful to look for new patterns or think of new items to just knit from scratch. I love to work on several items, there are always socks on the needle, and right now I am working on the feather and fan comfort shawl, and I am working on a t-shirt in bright purple, that I am designing as knit along.

It makes me realize all the more that life is all about finding bliss in the small stuff, the simple things that are easy to come by. We may think we will only be happy once we have achieved a certain thing, or made that amount of money. It doesn’t leave any space for the simple victories, like figuring out a new pattern, or feeling the wool slide through your fingers.

Being blissful in all simplicity