This is the third blog I'm using this year.

The first was Leap to Joy, I was convinced at the start of the year that it was the perfect thing for me. I craved claiming my joy and I craved to focus on one thing.

Then Covid-19 happened. Or better, Sars-Cov-2.

The fire of blogging died quickly soon after. How can you write about joy when you read horrifying stories about the disease and the suffering it caused. And, to add to that, you are part of the at-risk group?

Joy wasn't in my mind at all.

Then I found an archive of all my old blog posts, and knew one thing for certain: I needed to focus on writing again. I started to move my blog posts, old and new, to

I wrote a couple of blog posts and told myself this felt right.

But it really didn't.

I wrote a couple of blog posts I didn't share because I felt that they didn't fit with my site.

And then, one morning, a thought hit me.

I don't want to focus on joy, that is way to exuberant for where I am at in my life right now. I also don't feel like I can blog what I really want to on my website.

And I finally let a thought in. A thought that had been in my mind for a long time. A very long time.

You see, when I first started to blog, I had a dream and a website:

I wanted to write about things that mattered to me, about simplicity and about my quest for a calmer sort of joy than Leap to Joy projected.

The latter kind is exhausting, the calm joys of being Simply Blissful, they are totally me.

When I am in that state of mind, something else happens too, I am way more focused on doing what I love, writing, especially writing poetry.

I wanted to focus on being Simply Blissful again.

I grabbed my laptop and searched for and to my greatest joy it was available again. I had let it lapse years ago, and now it was ready for me to create there again.

Then I went to Digital Ocean because I knew that Simply Blissful needed to be hosted on the best blogging platform I know: Ghost.

I installed Ghost, imported the blog from Wordpress, and started to blog in earnest.

I first shared a blog post I'd not shared on The moment I hit post I smiled.

I had made the right choice.

So, a lot of words, mostly written for myself, to share why I am on the path of being Simply Blissful.

It's the path I've wanted to be on for a long time, but as I forgot who I was along the way, I didn't know I needed it.

I will be forever grateful to Leap to Joy, because starting that website has made me aware of so many things in my life. I have a focus now that I haven't had for years.

And I am excited to see where it will take me.