Every declutter process should be started with these steps. This way you keep your focus much easier, as you know what you really want for you and your home.What you will need:
• note pad
• large art pad
• magazines
• pencils, felt pens/pencils in all colours
• time

Step 1
Sit in every room of your home for a while, and visualize what you want in there. Use the notepad to list the thoughts and emotions that pop up in you. It may also bring up negativity, list that separately, it is something you need to get rid off in the process of your decluttering

Step 2
Make it Visual
Now comes the fun step. Get your art pad out and get to work. First, write down your keywords for the room, you can add pictures if you want, images that are inspiring (don’t have to be pictures of rooms, can also be pictures of nature, or pictures of you with a big happy smile). Make it something that inspires you!

Step 3
Get to work!
Use my 3 simple steps on flash decluttering to hit each room. Now you have a clear visual of what the room should be like, it should be much easier to declutter each room.