People coming over? Having just a little time to declutter? Here’s what you will need for a round of flash decluttering!
• garbage bags
• boxes
• laundry baskets or similar
• a timer

Step 1
Gather your tools, and enter a room. Set your timer for 10 minutes at the door. Don’t look at anything other than the stuff in there.
• Toss what is garbage in the bag,
• Toss what you don’t want anymore in boxes
• Toss what needs to be stored in the room in one corner
• Toss everything that belongs elsewhere in the laundry baskets
When the timer goes, gather the bag, boxes and basket, and retreat. Don’t take much time to think about everything in your rooms. The clock is ticking people!

Step 2
Deal with the clutter
• Tape the boxes shut, or, in case you want to sell some of the items in it, use these 3 simple steps
• Toss the garbage

Step 3
Store everything in its rightful place
Walk through the house with the basket, and put everything where it belongs, also store the stuff you tossed in the corner. Keep vigilant, if you don’t need it, you shouldn’t need to store it either. If you don’t know where something belongs, wonder if you really need it.

After this you could go do your weekly cleaning, or do another round of flash decluttering.